School Meals

From September 2014 healthy, hot dinners are provided by the local authority free of charge to all Infant Children.

Menus change on a 3 weekly cycle and vegetarians are catered for.

Below you can find the NEW dinner menus for the Autumn term. Click on the links below to view the weeks menu:

WEEK 1 ; Weeks beginning: 6th & 27th September and 18th October

WEEK 2 ; Weeks Beginning: 13th September and 4th October

WEEK 3 ; Weeks beginning: 20th September and 11th October

Please note: There may be occasional changes to these menus, due to deliveries, particularly at the beginning of and end of terms. Wherever possible we shall endeavour to give Parents notice of these changes. 

If you are providing a packed lunch, then a small insulated bag is the best carrier.  Please note that we do not allow fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate and we must request no nuts or peanut butter as we have children in school for whom contact with nuts can be fatal. Please ensure that any grapes or tomatoes that are included in your child’s lunch box are cut in half or quartered, to prevent any choking risk.

Please read for more information about Healthy Packed Lunches


We offer the opportunity for you to come and share lunch with your child. We will be offering a limited menu for the parents to choose from, the cost of which is £2.50. The choice is the same as the Children’s usual menu.

The days change per half term and a different year group will be given the chance for a parent/carer or grandparent to sign up to have lunch with their child. There will only be room for 10 adults, 1 adult per child. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate for any siblings, older or younger.

If you think your child will be distressed when you leave, it might be best to organise this treat once you feel they are ready. We also respectfully ask that you say goodbye to them once the lunchtime visiting book has been completed. This will be signed on your arrival and departure.

To attend, please check availability at the school office. We also ask that you only attend one session in the term, to allow other parents a chance to attend.  The dates for each half term are released with the Newsletter and details supplied on the News Feed.


On your child’s birthday you may wish to bring in some treats to share with the class.  We ask that you bring individually wrapped treats such as Haribo or chocolate, preferably all the same kind.  Whilst homemade treats are lovely they are not suitable as they pose problems with issues such as nut allergies.  Please may we ask that you do not send in birthday cakes either.  Thank you.